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Property Management

Property Management

IEC Property Management department provides a full spectrum of management services aimed at owners of all types of commercial and residential property in Nigeria. By focusing our efforts on optimizing the value of your assets in a cost effective way, we achieve optimal returns on investment while reducing outgoings.

Why IEC ?

We focus on securing and retaining tenancies, ensuring that the highest levels of communication, transparency and tenant satisfaction are maintained at all times. And because we know that each client has unique requirements – as do their properties and tenancies, we create bespoke solutions that suit individual targets. What this means for both owners and occupiers? Improved operations, healthy returns on investment and value added.




  • Retail units
  • Offices
  • Industrial and logistics
  • Specialist commercial property management
  • Residential property management

IEC property management services

    • Letting and renewal of leases/tenancies
    • Service charge administration
    • Insurance
    • Tenement rates/Land use charge
    • Negotiations with rating authorities
    • Lease documentation and administration
    • Accounting
    • Rent management



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      Email: emmanuel.efuntayo@iecvaluers.com

      Location: 13th Floor, Western House 8-10 Broad Street, Lagos.