Property management and maintenance means the adequate provisions of service in the right form, right quality and at the right cost.
Obviously, it is globally established that where high-rise buildings are multi-tenanted certain problems arise which eventually affect the building structure, occupants, and other users either directly or indirectly. Often time facilities and services provided in high-rise buildings such as lifts, generators, water supply, cleaning may not be property maintained by managing firms due to lack of planning, lack of finance, deficit in budget, void and occupiers’ default in payment of service charge.
This write-up episode is centred to evaluate the effective management and maintenance of facilities of high-rise commercial buildings and proffer solutions to identified challenges.

A proper understanding of the importance of maintenance management in preserving the value of buildings to render them habitable, acceptable as well as lengthening of their functional, economical and aesthetic life-span is essential and form the greater part of this episode. Commercial buildings are of fundamental importance to any Country economic development and their demand is increasing with time. In Nigeria today for instance, especially a place like Lagos, the demand for commercial
buildings has greatly increased with the liberalisation of the economy and the high rate of population increase. Thus, the demand has outstripped the supply, and as such, conservation of the current commercial buildings stock is of great importance.
This write-up has revealed that, maintenance of commercial buildings is an undertaking that needs to be taken more seriously, otherwise it might cause deterioration of buildings to irreversible levels, and thereby losing economic returns(values).
Deterioration of buildings is mostly caused by constant deferment of maintenance works that tend to have very little effect on the building performance in the short-run. This write-up episode is also to identify some challenges/issues encounters in the management of high-rise commercial buildings which are Lack of Efficient Funds or Lack of Finance, Lack of Record Keeping System, High Cost of Maintenance, Default in Payment of Service Charge, Delay in Rent Payment, Lack of professional inputs or skills etc; which are big problems in property maintenance and thereby prone to defects in buildings, especially in the topical area.

In order to address some of these challenges/issues identified, here are some of the solutions to considers such as ensuring transparency and monitoring of inflow of funds from the occupiers, Timely disbursement of funds, data collection from new tenants, ensuring funds are properly managed, ensuring that experience professionals are hired for repair works.
Proper commercial buildings maintenance and effective management helps to ensure that a reasonable return on capital asset is secured, ensure a safe and a conducive working environment for the occupants,
ensures building facilities retain their structural, functional and aesthetic conditions throughout their lifespan and reduce unnecessary expenditures.
For the serviced buildings to performance optimally, I recommend the follow; Landlords and managing firms should adopt Preventive Maintenance System rather than a Corrective Maintenance System, Strategic Advocacy, Data Bank etc; so as to have effective maintenance of commercial buildings in Nigeria.

ESV. Desmond O. Ataijie, ANIVS, RSV, AGIPM, CFM
Estate Surveyors & Valuer