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Did you know that in July 2014, a Record High of 49.3% of Lending Was to Investors?

That’s Worth $$$BILLIONS of Real Estate!

Now that you do know – what are you going to do to make sure you get a piece of that action? How will YOU stand out from the crowd and become noticed by, and attractive to, Real Estate Investors?

We all know that an Agent’s bread and butter is getting Listings – and selling those properties. So what’s the common denominator that you need to focus on to get paid? It’s not property – it’s people! You need to find the right people; the people who are ready to sell or ready to buy. You need to build great relationships with them so that they trust YOU to sell their property. And you need to stand out from other Agents to gain that listing.

Just one more sale a year could fund an overseas holiday for a Real Estate Agent!

That’s the great thing about being an Agent – you can make serious money just in ONE transaction.  So what’s stopping you making more than you currently do?

You may think your biggest challenge is finding the leads, to find just one more listing, and then finding one more buyer.  But actually there’s an important piece of the puzzle you need to address which can help with that…

You need to know how to build great relationships – with leverage!

Building great relationships is one of your keys to success, and you can’t even start to do that unless you know your customer well.

As a Real Estate Agent your customers – the ones you will be working for – will be Sellers and generally fit into one of the following two categories:

1. Home Owner

2. Investor

The Problem with Home Sellers

Let’s assume you know a heap of Home Owners looking to sell their properties. You’ve already done some training and/or have experience with building relationships with these sorts of customers.

home soldBut have you found yourself frustrated that despite the help, support and great relationship you might build with that seller, there’s very little chance that they’ll use you again?

You know how it is – usually home owners move out of the area to move up the property ladder, so the sale experience and the relationship you’ve built, won’t help you next time they shift as chances are they’ll be looking in a different area and therefore using a different agent.

And even if they’re staying in your locality, it could be three, five or even ten years before they decide to move again, and by that time they have probably forgotten all about how good you were with the sale of their last home.

You’ve done so much great work to get that deal too.  You found a great home buyer, and even helped them through the whole buying process because they weren’t experienced and you wanted to make sure that nothing delayed settlement.  So the buyer is happy with you too and may refer other friends to you … IF they are looking at moving in the next year or two that referral will give you some leverage to the relationship you built.  But it’s not that likely a scenario is it.


INVESTOR DEMAND FOR HOUSING REACHES AN HISTORIC HIGH – How will YOU stand out from the crowd and be attractive as a Real Estate Investor?


So with all the time, money and effort you’ve invested – you rarely get to leverage that work and you have to start from scratch over and over again.

The Problem with Investors

You may have thought that Investors are a good market to tap into.  You’ve read a few articles that say more property sales are attributed to Investors than Home Owners, so why wouldn’t you be happy working with Investors?

buy sell diceThe frustration with Investors, especially those more experienced, is that they want top dollar for their property when they’re selling, and when they’re buying a property, they want to pay the lowest price!

So how can you possibly get the best result for an Investor when they are going to be squeezing you on both sides of the transaction?

And how can you build a great relationship with them that you can leverage time after time, when often they may seem abrupt and hard to deal with?

Good Question …

Never Fear – The Solution is Here!

We know what Investors want.  We know why they can be abrupt and hard to deal with. We know why they aren’t loyal to one Agent …

By helping you understand Investors, we help them build a solid partnership with a great Investor Friendly Agent, and we help YOU build one of the most effective relationships you could have in this business.


INVESTOR DEMAND FOR HOUSING REACHES AN HISTORIC HIGH – How will YOU stand out from the crowd and be attractive as a Real Estate Investor?